MARCH 3, 2016

Here is the lovely Jacqui Ma. A lady of many talents. She started off as a bag designer that created many products for well-known brands such as Puma and Debenhams. She has worked as WGSN, the leading trend agency as a specialist in Accessories and travels all over the world consulting and reporting on trends. Whilst on maternity she launched her own bag brand Goodordering which has been going from strength to strength.

As a small business owner, Jacqui relies heavily on social media to promote her business. She was kind enough to let us pick her brain on how she utilizes social media and incorporates video. Jacqui uses social media quite a lot for her business, so we thought we'd ask her a few questions on how she uses it and what her thoughts are on Video.

How important is social media for your brand Goodordering?
As a small business, I don`t have a huge budget for marketing, therefore social media is crucial for spreading the word.

Which channels do you use and what is working for you?
Instagram is the channel that comes the most naturally for me and Goodordering as it is so visual and instant. I have also had a lot of customers find out about us through Pinterest. However, I`m trying to build up my YouTube following because I believe that's the future!

Have you presented on camera before we gave you the kit?
Yes I have presented on camera before where there has been a professional camera crew on hand. This has been for editorial reviews for WGSN. I think this is a completely different form of style because it is a lot more formal. When I`m using the ReTrak kit, it`s much more natural

What did you think of our Kit and what did you / will you use it for?
I loved the kit, especially all the modular pieces that you can either use or not depending on what you are trying to do and different lighting conditions. I was so surprised at the level of professionalism that it gives just using it in conjunction with my iphone!

Can we see any of your Video Experiments?
This is my Goodordering Youtube channel, have a look.

Lastly do you have any tips for anyone presenting / and or using video?
My tip is to just be yourself and keep practicing. I also found watching lots of other videos online helpful because it helped me work out my own style, which I`m still working on!

Thank you to Jacqui Ma for participating in Experiments in Video with ReTrak's Video ToolKit. You can find Jacqui on Linkedin and her beautiful bags can be viewed here.

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NOVEMBER 12, 2015

             e`re thrilled to announce the release of the Premium Video Toolkit! The kit is a one-stop-shop for all of your video production needs and gives you the ability to share your story with the world. Learn more about the kit below, and stay tuned as we have guest bloggers share their creations.

It's Like Having a Portable Camera Crew At your Fingertips
  • Tripod holds your device in place and prevents unwanted blurring
  • Compact remote let's you take control from afar
  • Two-in-one wide angle and macro lens for unique perspective
  • Adjustable LED light for a crisp and well-lit shot
  • Monopod to use as a selfie stick for flexibility in behind-the-scenes footage
  • Phone and tablet holder to capture footage on your preferred device
  • GoPro Mount so you can document your adventures
One Kit, Endless Uses
With today's on-the-go lifestyle, we crave being able to set up our workspace remotely and efficiently. Whether you're breaking into the world of blogging, or consulting with a client from the white sands of Fiji – you'll want to get your hands on this video production toolkit. It includes 8 mobile accessories that enhance the video production process.

Ultimate Mobility
All of the accessories fit in a compact and portable kit that will give you the freedom to set up shop wherever you go. Leave the confines of your stuffy office and embark on an adventure. Submit your audition to the X-Factor, host a video conference, or even teach a yoga class from 3,000 miles away. It's your world and this is your chance to express yourself – from wherever you choose.

One-of-a-Kind Experience
This video toolkit is the first of it's kind and will give you all the tools you need to get creative and produce quality content in no time. It's compatible with smartphones, cameras, GoPros, tablets, and other devices so you face no bounds.